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Noise affects patient safety and health, and is an important part of the patient experience. Patients often complain about noise levels during their hospital stay, but there are many interventions available to support a healthier and more comfortable environment.
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Project Brief
October 2014 Project Brief
Learn about: the impact of noise on both patient and staff outcomes, about the methods the research team used to evaluate noise levels, and the difference between patient and staff perceptions of noise sources.
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Project Brief
October 2015 Project Brief
Learn about: how Florida Waterman built patient rooms to reduce noise, how patient satisfaction scores improved as a result of room design changes, and how the team studied the impact of the new design strategy.
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October 2014 Interview

Learn about: the ways sound can support a healing environment, creating a culture of appropriate noise levels within a busy healthcare setting and engaging staff  in building a healing environment in their own units, for patients and for themselves.

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