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Knowledge Repository

Efficiency and teamwork in emergency departments: Perception of staff on design interventions

Author(s): Ahmadpour, S., Bayramzadeh, S., Aghaei, P.
Added December 2021

Nurses’ satisfaction with patient room lighting conditions: A study of nurses in four hospitals with differences in the environment of care

Author(s): Davis, R. G., McCunn, L. J., Wilkerson, A., Safranek, S.
Added August 2020

Innovation and technology in one new hospital in Montreal: A lived experience of healthcare professionals

Author(s): Hammouni, Z., Ahram, T., Taiar, R., Gremeaux-Bader, V., Aminian, K.
Added April 2020

Indoor and outdoor design in healthcare environments: The employees’ views in the General University Hospital of Alexandroupolis, Greece

Author(s): Karanikola, P., Andrea, V., Tampakis, S., Tsolakidou, A.
Added August 2020

Complex projects assessment. The impact of built environment on healthcare staff wellbeing

Author(s): Brambilla, A., Morganti, A., Lindahl, G., Riva, A., Capolongo, S., Gervasi, O., Murgante, B., Misra, S., Garau, C., Blečić, I., Taniar, D., Apduhan, B. O., Rocha, A. M. A. C., Tarantino, E., Torre, C. M., Karaca, Y.
Added September 2021

The influence of evidence-based design on staff perceptions of a supportive environment for person-centered care in forensic psychiatry

Author(s): Degl' Innocenti, A., Wijk, H., Kullgren, A., Alexiou, E.
Added September 2021

Anticipated Advantages and Disadvantages of a move to 100% Single Room Hospital in Australia: A Case Study

Author(s): Cusack, L., Wiechula, R., Schultz, T., Dollard, J., Maben, J.
Added August 2020

Hospital employees’ perceptions of circadian lighting: A pharmacy department case study

Author(s): McCunn, L. J., Wright, J.
Added August 2020

Using Systems Theory to Examine Patient and Nurse Structures, Processes, and Outcomes in Centralized and Decentralized Units

Author(s): Real, K., Fay, L., Isaacs, K., Carll-White, A., Schadler, A.
Added February 2019

The Importance of Specific Workplace Environment Characteristics for Maximum Health and Performance: Healthcare Workers’ Perspective

Author(s): Zadeh, R. S., Shepley, M. M., Owora, A. H., Dannenbaum, M. C., Waggener, L. T., Chung, S. S. E.
Added August 2018