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Knowledge Repository

Efficiency and teamwork in emergency departments: Perception of staff on design interventions

Author(s): Ahmadpour, S., Bayramzadeh, S., Aghaei, P.
Added December 2021

Using interdisciplinary dress rehearsal events to ensure staff readiness when opening a new healthcare facility

Author(s): Aguilera, L. S., Dickey, E. K., Guzman, K.
Added August 2020

Reflections on Nursing Ingenuity During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Author(s): Newby, J. C., Mabry, M. C., Carlisle, B. A., Olson, D. M., Lane, B. E.
Added September 2020

Designing for efficiency: Examining the impact of centralized and decentralized nurse stations on interdisciplinary care processes

Author(s): Fay, L., Santiago, J. E., Real, K., Isaacs, K.
Added August 2020

Horseshoe, Cockpit, and Dragonfly: Nurse Movement in Headwall Patient Rooms

Author(s): Hamilton, D. K.
Added December 2018

Anticipated Advantages and Disadvantages of a move to 100% Single Room Hospital in Australia: A Case Study

Author(s): Cusack, L., Wiechula, R., Schultz, T., Dollard, J., Maben, J.
Added August 2020

Using Systems Theory to Examine Patient and Nurse Structures, Processes, and Outcomes in Centralized and Decentralized Units

Author(s): Real, K., Fay, L., Isaacs, K., Carll-White, A., Schadler, A.
Added February 2019

Sustainability of a person-centered ward atmosphere and possibility to provide person-centered forensic psychiatric care after facility relocation

Author(s): Alexiou, E., Wijk, H., Ahlquist, G., Kullgren, A., Degl’ Innocenti, A.
Added February 2019

Opportunities for inpatient room designs that facilitate imaging professionals in providing diagnostic patient care: A mixed methods study

Author(s): Evans, K. D., Sommerich, C. M., Sanders, E. B.-N., Patterson, E. S., Li, J., Lavender, S. A.
Added November 2019

Design lessons from the analysis of nurse journeys in a hospital ward

Author(s): Nazarian, M., Price, A., Demian, P., Malekzadeh, M.
Added August 2019