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Knowledge Repository

The impact of the built environment on patient falls in hospital rooms: An integrative review

Author(s): Pati, D., Valipoor, S., Lorusso, L., Mihandoust, S., Jamshidi, S., Rane, A., Kazem-Zadeh, M.
Added August 2021

Falls in older adults: A systematic review of literature on interior-scale elements of the built environment

Author(s): Valipoor, S., Pati, D., Kazem-Zadeh, M., Mihandoust, S., Mohammadigorji, S.
Added October 2020

Understanding Design Vulnerabilities in the Physical Environment Relating to Patient Fall Patterns in a Psychiatric Hospital: Seven Years of Sentinel Events

Author(s): Bayramzadeh, S., Portillo, M., Carmel-Gilfilen, C.
​Finding effective ways to prevent patient falls and fall-related injuries has been an ongoing struggle and debate for many modern medical practitioners. Previous studies have shown that nearly 30% of falls that occur in hospital settings result in injuries and, subsequently, additional treatments.
Key Point Summary
Added March 2019

Catching quality before it falls: Preventing falls and injuries in the adult emergency department

Author(s): Stoeckle, A., Iseler, J. I., Havey, R., Aebersold, C.
Added April 2020

The Flooring for Injury Prevention (FLIP) Study of compliant flooring for the prevention of fall-related injuries in long-term care: A randomized trial

Author(s): Mackey, D. C., Lachance, C. C., Wang, P. T., Feldman, F., Laing, Andrew C., Leung, P. M., Hu, X. J., Robinovitch, S. N.
Added August 2020

Top Five Physical Design Factors Contributing to Fall Initiation

Author(s): Pati, D., Lee, J., Mihandoust, S., Kazem-Zadeh, M., Oh, Y.
​Falls in older patients are dangerous and are of major concern for healthcare professionals. Several studies were done on the associated causes of the falls but few have addressed the impact of the physical environment.
Key Point Summary
Added August 2020

Perceptions about Compliant Flooring from Senior Managers in Long-Term Care

Author(s): Lachance, C. C., Zaborska, V. O., Leung, P.-M., Feldman, F., Robinovitch, S., Mackey, D. C.
Added August 2020

A quasi-experimental evaluation of compliant flooring in a residential care setting

Author(s): Gustavsson, J., Bonander, C., Nilson, F.
Added December 2018

The Architecture Of Safety: An Emerging Priority For Improving Patient Safety

Author(s): Joseph, A., Henriksen, K., Malone, E.
Added December 2018

Compliant flooring to prevent fall-related injuries in older adults: A scoping review of biomechanical efficacy, clinical effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, and workplace safety

Author(s): Lachance, C. C., Jurkowski, M. P., Dymarz, A. C., Robinovitch, S. N., Feldman, F., Laing, A. C., Mackey, D. C., Tranah, G.
Compliant flooring may be broadly defined as any floor covering or flooring system with some degree of shock absorbency. Numerous previous studies have shown that different forms of compliant flooring can reduce the severity and incidence of fall-related injuries in older adult patients.
Key Point Summary
Added October 2017