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Knowledge Repository

Lighting control in patient rooms: Understanding nurses’ perceptions of hospital lighting using qualitative methods

Author(s): McCunn, L. J., Safranek, S., Wilkerson, A., Davis, R. G.
Added August 2021

Implications for the physical design of the postnatal care unit from a targeted analysis of issues with accessing the bathroom at night in the acute setting: A secondary analysis

Author(s): Chirumamilla, V., Gerard, J. M., Sweeney, A. E., Tully, K. P., Stuebe, A. M., Patterson, E. S.
Added September 2021

Let there be blue-depleted light: In-patient dark therapy, circadian rhythms and length of stay

Author(s): Scott, J., Langsrud, K., Goulding, I. R., Kallestad, H.
Added September 2021

The effect of blue-enriched lighting on medical error rate in a university hospital ICU

Author(s): Chen, Y., Broman, A. T., Priest, G., Landrigan, C. P., Rahman, S. A., Lockley, S. W.
Added September 2021

The influence of physical environmental factors on older adults in residential care facilities in Northeast China

Author(s): Jingyi, M., Shanshan, Z., Wu, Y.
Added September 2021

An experiment of double dynamic lighting in an office responding to sky and daylight: Perceived effects on comfort, atmosphere and work engagement

Author(s): Hansen, E. K., Bjørner, T., Xylakis, E., Pajuste, M.
Added September 2021

Insufficient melanopic equivalent daylight illuminance in nursing home dementia units across seasons and gaze directions

Author(s): Kolberg, E., Pallesen, S., Hjetland, G. J., Nordhus, I. H., Thun, E., Flo-Groeneboom, E.
Added September 2021

Integrated energy, daylighting and visual comfort analysis of window systems in patient rooms

Author(s): Eisazadeh, N., Allacker, K., Troyer, F. D.
Added September 2021

Addressing visual comfort issues in healthcare facilities using LED lighting technology - A review on daylighting importance, impact of correlated colour temperature, human responses and other visual comfort parameters

Author(s): Perumal, S. R., Baharum, F., Mohd Nawi, M. N.
Added September 2021

Interior daylight environment of an elderly nursing home in Beijing

Author(s): Yang, H., Guo, B., Shi, Y., Jia, C., Li, X., Liu, F.
Added September 2021