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Knowledge Repository

Challenges in setting up point-of-care hemodialysis in a COVID-19 care facility: Lessons from a limited-resource setting

Author(s): Bharati, J., Ramachandran, R., Kumar, R., Prakash, S., Kohli, H. S.
Added December 2020

Magnitude matters: Art image size and waiting time impact perceived quality of care

Author(s): Devlin, A. S., Anderson, A., Hession-Kunz, S., Kelly, M., Noble, L., Zou, A
Added August 2020

Inadequacy and impact of facility design for adolescents and young adults with cancer

Author(s): Peditto, K., Shepley, M., Sachs, N., Mendle, J., Burrow, A.
Added December 2020

Evaluating care partner preferences for seating in an outpatient surgery waiting area using virtual reality

Author(s): Jafarifiroozabadi, R., Joseph, A., Joshi, R., Wingler, D.
Added March 2021

Positive Distraction in Pediatric Healthcare Waiting Spaces: Sharing Play Not Germs through Inclusive, Hands-Free Interactive Media

Author(s): Biddiss, E., Knibbe, T. J., Fehlings, D., McKeever, P., McPherson, A.
Added August 2020

Human-centered design process for a hospital bed: Promoting patient safety and ease of use

Author(s): Wiggermann, N., Rempel, K., Zerhusen, R. M., Pelo, T., Mann, N.
Added August 2020

Continuous room decontamination technologies

Author(s): Weber, D. J., Rutala, W. A., Sickbert-Bennett, E. E., Kanamori, H., Anderson, D.
Added August 2020

The Importance of Specific Workplace Environment Characteristics for Maximum Health and Performance: Healthcare Workers’ Perspective

Author(s): Zadeh, R. S., Shepley, M. M., Owora, A. H., Dannenbaum, M. C., Waggener, L. T., Chung, S. S. E.
Added August 2018

Tracking and controlling soft surface contamination in health care settings

Author(s): Sexton, J. D., Wilson, A. M., Sassi, H. P., Reynolds, K. A.
Added April 2020

A multi-component patient-handling intervention improves attitudes and behaviors for safe patient handling and reduces aggression experienced by nursing staff: A controlled before-after study

Author(s): Risør, B. W., Casper, S. D., Andersen, L.L, Sørensen, J.
Added September 2017