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Knowledge Repository

The Impact of the Physical Environment on Intrapartum Maternity Care: Identification of Eight Crucial Building Spaces

Author(s): Setola, N., Naldi, E., Cocina, G. G., Eide, L. B., Iannuzzi, L., Daly, D.
Added August 2020

Isolation or Interaction: Healthcare Provider Experience of Design Change

Author(s): Van Heuvelen, J. S.
Added October 2019

The Effect of Facilities Management of Common Areas on the Environment Domain of Quality of Life of Older People in Private Buildings

Author(s): Leung, M.-Y., Liang, Q., Pynoos, J.
Added August 2019

Floor Finish Selection in the Design of Healthcare Facilities: A Survey of Facility Managers

Author(s): Dixit, M. K., Singh, S., Lavy, S., Yan, W., Pariafsai, F., Ostadalimakhmalbaf, M.
Added August 2020

Evidence Based Hospital Design. A Literature Review of the Recent Publications about the EBD Impact of Built Environment on Hospital Occupants’ and Organizational Outcomes

Author(s): Brambilla, A., Rebecchi, A., Capolongo, S.
Added April 2020

Electrical and thermal energy in private hospitals: Consumption indicators focused on healthcare activity

Author(s): García-Sanz-Calcedo, J., Gómez-Chaparro, M., Sanchez-Barroso, G.
Added August 2020

Influence of air velocity on indoor environment quality in unidirectional flow operating theatres: A study based on Computational Fluid Dynamics

Author(s): Moreno, G. S.-B., Sanz-Calcedo, J. G., Romero, A. C. M., Balan, M. C., Bode, F., Croitoru, C., Dogeanu, A., Georgescu, A., Georgescu, C., Nastase, I., Sandu, M.
Added April 2020

Evaluating hospital soundscapes to improve patient experience

Author(s): Bliefnick, J. M., Ryherd, E. E., Jackson, R.
Added March 2019

The effect of a non-talking rule on the sound level and perception of patients in an outpatient infusion center

Author(s): Zijlstra, E., Hagedoorn, M., Krijnen, W. P., van der Schans, C. P., Mobach, M. P.
Added August 2020

The effects of noise levels on nurses in intensive care units

Author(s): Terzi, B., Azizoğlu, F., Polat, Ş., Kaya, N., İşsever, H.
Added August 2020