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Knowledge Repository

Occupants Behavior-Based Design Study Using BIM-GIS Integration: An Alternative Design Approach for Architects

Author(s): Afkhamiaghda, M., Mahdaviparsa, A., Afsari, K., McCuen, T., Mutis, I., Hartmann, T.
Added November 2018

Positive Distraction in Pediatric Healthcare Waiting Spaces: Sharing Play Not Germs through Inclusive, Hands-Free Interactive Media

Author(s): Biddiss, E., Knibbe, T. J., Fehlings, D., McKeever, P., McPherson, A.
Added August 2020

Horseshoe, Cockpit, and Dragonfly: Nurse Movement in Headwall Patient Rooms

Author(s): Hamilton, D. K.
Added December 2018

Cross-cultural comparison of physiological and psychological responses to different garden styles

Author(s): Elsadek, M., Sun, M., Sugiyama, R., Fujii, E.
Added December 2018

Where We Walk Is What We See: Foundational Concepts and Analytical Techniques of Space Syntax

Author(s): Haq, S.
Added March 2019

Applying participatory design to a pharmacy system intervention

Author(s): Reddy, A., Lester, C. A., Stone, J. A., Holden, R. J., Phelan, C. H., Chui, M. A.
Added August 2020

A Systematic Literature Review of Empirical Studies on Decentralized Nursing Stations

Author(s): Fay, L., Cai, H., Real, K.
Added March 2019

The social logic of nursing communication and team processes in centralized and decentralized work spaces

Author(s): Real, K., Santiago, J., Fay, L., Isaacs, K., Carll-White, A.
Added August 2020

Psychological perceptions matter: Developing the reactions to the physical work environment scale

Author(s): Sander, E. J., Caza, A., Jordan, P. J.
Added December 2018

Palliative Design Meets Palliative Medicine: A Strategic Approach to the Design, Construction, and Operation of Healthcare Facilities to Improve Quality of Life and Reduce Suffering for Patients, Families, and Caregivers

Author(s): Zadeh, R. S., Eshelman, P.
Added August 2019