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Knowledge Repository

Applying participatory design to a pharmacy system intervention

Author(s): Reddy, A., Lester, C. A., Stone, J. A., Holden, R. J., Phelan, C. H., Chui, M. A.
Added August 2020

Interprofessional Simulations to Inform Perioperative Facility Planning and Design

Author(s): Torres-Landa, S., Neylan, C., Quinlan, K., Klock, C., Jefferson, Christi, Williams, N. N., Caskey, R. C., Greulich, S., Kolb, G., Morgan, C., Mahoney, K., Dumon, K. R.
Added August 2020

Design and Simulation of Isolation Room for a Hospital

Author(s): Jacob, Simeon, Yadav, Siddharth Singh, Sikarwar, Basant Singh, Saha, Pankaj, Subbarao, P.M.V., Sikarwar, Basant Singh
Added August 2020

Mock-Ups: Using experiential simulation models in the healthcare design process

Author(s): Durham, J., Kenyon, A.
Added August 2020

Commissioning simulations to test new healthcare facilities: a proactive and innovative approach to healthcare system safety

Author(s): Kaba, A., Barnes, S.
Added August 2020

A new method of human response testing to enhance the design process

Author(s): Kalantari, S.
Added August 2020

Simulation-based clinical systems testing for healthcare spaces: From intake through implementation

Author(s): Colman, N., Doughty, C., Arnold, J., Stone, K., Reid, J., Dalpiaz, A., Hebbar, K. B.
Added August 2020

PROcess for the design of user-centered environments (PRODUCE): Guiding change in the health care environment

Author(s): Ray, J. M., Berg, R., Sudikoff, S. N.
Added August 2020

Prevent safety threats in new construction through integration of simulation and FMEA

Author(s): Colman, N., Stone, K., Arnold, J., Doughty, C., Reid, J., Younker, S., Hebbar, K. B.
Added August 2020

Investigation of facilities management practices for providing feedback during the design development and review stages

Author(s): Fatayer, F. A., Hassanain, M. A., Abdallah, A., Al-Hammad, A.-M.
Added April 2021