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Knowledge Repository

Horseshoe, Cockpit, and Dragonfly: Nurse Movement in Headwall Patient Rooms

Author(s): Hamilton, D. K.
Added December 2018

Implications of a Decentralized Postpartum Unit Design and Clinical Operations

Author(s): Freihoefer, K., Lindval, S., Bayramzadeh, S., Hanson, L.
Added June 2020

Isolation or Interaction: Healthcare Provider Experience of Design Change

Author(s): Van Heuvelen, J. S.
Added October 2019

Effect on nurse and patient experience: Overnight use of blue-depleted illumination

Author(s): Albala, L., Bober, T., Hale, G., Warfield, B., Collins, M. L., Merritt, Z., Steimetz, E., Nadler, S., Lev, Y., Hanifin, J.
Added August 2020

Utilization of a Standardized Post-Occupancy Evaluation to Assess the Guiding Principles of a Major Academic Medical Center

Author(s): Altizer, Z., Canar, W. J., Redemske, D., Fullam, F., Lamont, M.
Added February 2021