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Knowledge Repository

Healthy Lighting for the Visual, Circadian and Perceptual Systems

Author(s): Simeonova, M.
Added October 2012

Integrating the Environment, the Economy, and Community Health: A Community Health Center's Initiative to Link Health Benefits to Smart Growth

Author(s): McAvoy, P.V. , Driscoll, M. B., Gramling, B.J.
Added October 2012

Interventions for the prevention of falls in older adults: systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials

Author(s): Chang, J.T., Morton, S.C, Rubenstein, L. Z., Mojica, W.A., Maglione, M., Suttorp, M.J., Shekelle, P. G.
Falls are a major health concern for older adults worldwide, not only because of the potential for fractures and head injuries, but also for the emotional toll—the fear and anxiety—that can develop as a result of an injury or close call. While the literature on fall interventions is vast, there is limited understanding about the best methods for preventing falls. The authors conducted an extensive review and analysis of relevant, rigorous research trials to assess the relative effectiveness of different types of fall interventions. Under comparison were falls risk assessment and management programs, exercise programs, environmental modification programs, and educational interventions.
Key Point Summary
Added March 2014

Visiting Preferences of Patients in the Intensive Care Unit and in a Complex Care Medical Unit

Author(s): Gonzalez, C.E., Carroll, D.L., Elliott, J.S., Fitzgerald, P.A., Vallent, H.J.
Added October 2012

Virtual Reality as a Distraction Intervention for Women Receiving Chemotherapy

Author(s): Schneider, S.M., Prince-Paul, M., Allen, M.J., Silverman, P., Talaba, D.
Added October 2012

Violence In Healthcare Facilities: Lessons From the Veterans Health Administration

Author(s): Hodgson, M.J. , Reed, R., Craig,T., Murphy, F., Lehmann, L., Belton, L., Warren, N.
The authors examined assault frequency and risk factors in healthcare.
Key Point Summary
Added May 2014

Use of a portable forced air system to convert existing hospital space into a mass casualty isolation area

Author(s): Rosenbaum, R.A., Benyo, J.S., O'Connor, R.E., Passarello, B.A., Williams, D.R., Humphrey, B.D., Ross, R.W., Berry, J.M., Krebs, J.G.
Added October 2012

Urinary tract infections among the institutionalized older adult

Author(s): Blais, D.
Added October 2012

Understanding RN and Unlicensed Assistive Personnel Working Relationships in Designing Care Delivery Strategies

Author(s): Potter, P., Grant, E.
Added October 2012

Trends in critical care planning and design. Panel discussion

Author(s): Beale, C., Brideau, L., Caldwell, K., Fuller, P., Hamilton, K., Hendrich, A., Pangrazio, J., Scanlon, M., St Andre, A., Strohm, P., Velez, P.
Added October 2012