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Knowledge Repository

The use of single patient rooms versus multiple occupancy rooms in acute care environments

Author(s): Chaudhury, H, Mahmood, A , Valente, M
Added October 2012

A qualitiative evaluation of an adolescent cancer unit

Author(s): Mulhall, A., Kelly, D., Pearce, S.
Added October 2012

Work Stressors and the Quality of Life in Long-Term Care Units

Author(s): Pekkarinen, L., Sinervo, T., Perala, M. L., Elovainio, M.
Research suggests that work stress adversely affects healthcare staff job performance. And this in turn can influence patients’ quality of care or quality of life. 
Key Point Summary
Added May 2014

When do elderly in-hospital patients fall?

Author(s): von Renteln-Kruse, W., Krause, T.
Added October 2012

A caring and healing environment

Author(s): Felgen, J.
Added October 2012

A Pilot and Feasibility Study of Virtual Reality as a Distraction for Children With Cancer

Author(s): Gershon, J., Zimand, E., Pickering, M., Rothbaum, B.O., Hodges, L.
Added October 2012

A Review of Latex Sensitivity Related to the Use of Latex Gloves in Hospitals

Author(s): Lopes, RA. , Benatti, MC. , Zollner, R.
Added October 2012

Workplace air conditioning and health services attendance among French middle-aged women: A prospective cohort study.

Author(s): Preziosi, P., Czerinlichow, P., Gehanno, P., Hercberg, S.
Added October 2012

Work and Workspace Design to Prevent and Mitigate Errors

Author(s): Institute of Medicine
Added October 2012

Why the elderly fall in residential care facilities,and suggested remedies

Author(s): Kallin, K., Jensen, J., Olsson, L. L., Nyberg, L., Gustafson, Y.
Falls and their consequences—such as fractures and other injuries, fear of falling, impaired functions, and dependency—are serious health problems in the older population. Older people living in residential care facilities and those receiving long-term institutional care seem particularly prone to falling and fractures caused by falls. Almost half of all patients with hip fractures in Umea, Sweden, during the 1980s and the 1990s lived in residential care facilities, although fewer than 10 percent of the elderly population lived in such accommodations.  Falls among people aged 60 and older have been estimated to account for one-third of the total cost of medical treatment for all injuries in the Swedish population.
Key Point Summary
Added August 2014