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Knowledge Repository

Work and Workspace Design to Prevent and Mitigate Errors

Author(s): Institute of Medicine
Added October 2012

Trends in critical care planning and design. Panel discussion

Author(s): Beale, C., Brideau, L., Caldwell, K., Fuller, P., Hamilton, K., Hendrich, A., Pangrazio, J., Scanlon, M., St Andre, A., Strohm, P., Velez, P.
Added October 2012

The Paradox of Choice: Why More is Less.

Author(s): Schwartz, B.
Added October 2012

The Business Case for Better Buildings

Author(s): Berry, L., Parker, D., Coile, R., Hamilton, D.K., O'Neill, D., Sadler, B.
Added October 2012

Evidence-based design could help quality of care

Added October 2012