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Reducing incidence of low-back injuries reduces cost

Author(s): Brophy, M.O., Achimore, L.
To reduce musculoskeletal injuries in employees and to lower the financial costs associated with them, a 525-bed county nursing home in upstate New York initiated a five-step ergonomics program and purchased mechanical lifting devices. The five steps in the program were (1) creation of a resident transfer evaluation team, (2) establishment of an accident review committee, (3) mandatory ergonomics...
Key Point Summary
Added October 2012

Visual Risk Factors for Falls in Older People

Author(s): Lord, S. R., Dayhew, J.
Added September 2017

Feeling at home in nursing homes

Author(s): De Veer, A. J. E., Kerkstra, A.
Added October 2017

Health effect of improved meal ambiance in a Dutch nursing home: a 1-year intervention study

Author(s): Mathey, M. F., Vanneste, V. G., de Graaf, C., de Groot, L. C., van Staveren, W. A.
Added October 2017

Tap water colonization with Pseudomonas aeruginosa in a surgical intensive care unit (ICU) and relation to Pseudomonas infections of ICU patients

Author(s): Trautmann, M., Michalsky, T., Wiedeck, H., Radosavljevic, V., Ruhnke, M.
Added October 2017

Effect of flooring on standing comfort and fatigue

Author(s): Cham, R., Redfern, M. S.
Standing for extended periods of time, especially within restricted areas, has been shown to exacerbate a variety of health problems often related to lower-body tiredness, swelling, and pain. Previous studies investigating how different flooring materials and their varying properties (stiffness, elasticity, and energy absorption) contribute to these health problems have shown conflicting results.
Key Point Summary
Added October 2017

Outpatient surgery care unit work process redesign

Author(s): Kildea-Pahl, D., Baltimore, J., Kosiara, B.
Added April 2018