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Knowledge Repository

Job strain and musculoskeletal disorders of Italian nurses.

Author(s): Camerino, D., Cesana, G.C., Molteni, G., Vito, G.D., Evaristi, C., Latocca, R.
Added October 2012

Morning sunlight reduces length of hospitalization in bipolar depression

Author(s): Benedetti, F., Colombo, C., Barbini, B., Campori, E., Smeraldi, E.
Added October 2012

Taking on toxics II: Health care without harm

Author(s): Cray, C..
Added October 2012

Patient Satisfaction Associated With Correct Identification of Physicians’ Photographs

Author(s): Francis, J.J., Pankratz, V.S., Huddleston, J.M.
Added October 2012

Designing and delivering neonatal care in single rooms

Author(s): Brown, P., Taquino, L.T.
Added October 2012

Feeling at home in nursing homes

Author(s): De Veer, A. J. E., Kerkstra, A.
Added October 2017