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Knowledge Repository

DEEP SCOPE: A Framework for Safe Healthcare Design

Author(s): Taylor, E., Hignett, S.
Added September 2021

A conceptual visibility framework for linking spatial metrics with experience and organizational outcomes

Author(s): Lim, L., Zimring, C. M.
Added October 2020

Toward a Framework for Designing Person-Centered Mental Health Interiors for Veterans

Author(s): Platt, L. S., Bosch, S. J., Kim, D.
Added September 2017

Development of a healthcare building sustainability assessment method – Proposed structure and system of weights for the Portuguese context

Author(s): Castro, M. de F., Mateus, R., Bragança, L.
Added September 2017

Territories of Engagement in the Design of Ecohumanist Healthcare Environments

Author(s): Peters, T., Verderber, S.
Added December 2017

The Role of Theory in Furthering Evidence-Based Practice

Author(s): Moore, K. D.
Added February 2019

The future of aging services in America

Author(s): Browdie, R.
Added September 2017

Application of Space Syntax Theory in the Study of Medical-Surgical Nursing Units in Urban Hospitals

Author(s): Trzpuc, S. J., Martin, C.S.
Added February 2019

Preventing Chronic Disease Among the Aged: A Call for Evidence-Based Design Research

Author(s): Verberber, S.
Added September 2018

The Systems Research Organizing Model: A Conceptual Perspective for Facilities Design

Author(s): Brewer, B. B., Verran, J. A., Stichler, J. F.
Added August 2018