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Knowledge Repository

Understanding the barriers and enablers to using outdoor spaces in nursing homes: A systematic review

Author(s): van den Berg, M. E. L., Winsall, M., Dyer, S. M., Breen, F., Gresham, M., Crotty, M.
Added August 2020

Environmental performance measurement in hospitals: A bibliometric review of literature (1987–2017)

Author(s): Blass, A. P., Gouvea da Costa, S. E., Pinheiro de Lima, E., Tortato, U., Borges, L. A., Leal Filho, W., Tortato, U., Frankenberger, F.
Added April 2020

Noise environments in nursing homes: An overview of the literature and a case study in Flanders with quantitative and qualitative methods

Author(s): Thomas, P., Aletta, F., Filipan, K., Mynsbrugge, T. V., De Geetere, L., Dijckmans, A., Botteldooren, D., Petrovic, M., Van de Velde, D., De Vriendt, P., Devos, P.
Added August 2020

The effects of environmental factors on the patient outcomes in hospital environments: A review of literature

Author(s): Jamshidi, S., Parker, J. S., Hashemi, S.
Added August 2020

Green healthcare system: Main features in supporting sustainability of healthcare system — A review

Author(s): Fadda, J., Sayigh, A.
Added August 2020

Towards developing a model for the evaluation of hospital disaster resilience: a systematic review

Author(s): Fallah-Aliabadi, S., Ostadtaghizadeh, A., Ardalan, A., Fatemi, F., Khazai, B., Mirjalili, M. R.
Added April 2020

Positive distractions and play in the public spaces of pediatric healthcare environments: A literature review

Author(s): Jiang, S.
Added August 2020

A scoping review of the impact on children of the built environment design characteristics of healing spaces

Author(s): Gaminiesfahani, H., Lozanovska, M., Tucker, R.
Added October 2020

Effects of birthing room design on maternal and neonate outcomes: A systematic review

Author(s): Nilsson, C., Wijk, H., Höglund, L., Sjöblom, H., Hessman, E., Berg, M.
Added August 2020

Water management for construction: Evidence for risk characterization in community and healthcare settings: A systematic review

Author(s): Scanlon, M. M., Gordon, J. L., McCoy, W. F., Cain, M. F.
Added April 2020