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Knowledge Repository

The impact of noise in the operating theatre: A review of the evidence

Author(s): Mcleod, R., Myint-Wilks, L., Davies, S., Elhassan, H.
Added September 2021

The relationship between sensory stimuli and the physical environment in complex healthcare settings: A systematic literature review

Author(s): Bayramzadeh, S., Ahmadpour, S., Aghaei, P.
Added November 2021

Literature review: Evidence-based health outcomes and perceptions of the built environment in pediatric hospital facilities

Author(s): Bock, E. Pauli, Nilsson, S., Jansson, P.-A., Wijk, H., Alexiou, E., Lindahl, G., Berghammer, M., Degl’Innocenti, A.
Added December 2021

Intensive care unit built environments: A comprehensive literature review (2005–2020)

Author(s): Verderber, S., Gray, S., Suresh-Kumar, S., Kercz, D., Parshuram, C.
Added December 2021

Visual arts in children’s hospitals: Scoping review

Author(s): Ullán, A, M., Belver, M. H.
Added December 2021

Is greenery associated with mental health among residents of aged care facilities? A systematic search and narrative review.

Author(s): Carver, A., Lorenzon, A., Veitch, J., Macleod, A., Sugiyama, T.
Added August 2020

A Systems Framework for Understanding the Environment’s Relation to Clinical Teamwork: A Systematic Literature Review of Empirical Studies

Author(s): Peavey, E., Cai, H.
Added August 2020

Bringing the single versus multi-patient room debate to vulnerable patient populations: A systematic review of the impact of room types on hospitalized older people and people with neurological disorders

Author(s): Shannon, M. M., Lipson-Smith, R., Elf, M., Olver, J., Kramer, S., Bernhardt, J.
Added October 2020

Ways to harness the built environment of ambulatory cancer facilities for comprehensive patient support: A review of the literature

Author(s): Sadek, A. H., Willis, J.
Added November 2020

The conceptualization of the natural environment in healthcare facilities: A scoping review

Author(s): Chi, P., Gutberg, J., Berta, W.
Added August 2020