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Knowledge Repository

An exploratory study into the factors that influence patients' perceptions of cleanliness in an acute NHS trust hospital

Author(s): Whitehead, H., May, D., Agahi, H.
Added December 2017

A survey to assess the preferences of patients with diabetes for the time and location of their outpatient appointments

Author(s): Baggri, H. S., Jenkins, D.
Added September 2017

Do perceptions of neighbourhood environment influence health? Baseline findings from a British survey of aging

Author(s): Bowling, A.
Added September 2017

The Eden Alternative: Findings after 1 year of implementation

Author(s): Coleman, M. T., Looney, S., O'Brien, J., Ziegler, C., Pastorino, C. A., Turner, C.
Added December 2018

The therapeutic design of environments for people with dementia: A review of the empirical research

Author(s): Day, K., Carreon, D., Stump, C.
Added August 2019