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Knowledge Repository

Healthcare Staffs’ Experiences and Perceptions of Caring for People with Dementia in the Acute Setting: Qualitative Evidence Synthesis

Author(s): Houghton, C., Murphy, K., Brooker, D., Casey, D.
Dementia is an international health issue that greatly impacts healthcare delivery systems. Individuals with dementia have specific needs when it comes to healthcare, and it seems that, generally, acute care environments aren’t suitable for these individuals. Considering how previous studies have shown that as much as a quarter of individuals utilizing acute hospital services are likely to have dementia, the authors posit that there needs to be a shift in ethos, organization, and environment in which more appropriate care is provided to patients with dementia in acute care settings.
Key Point Summary
Added October 2017

Review article: Systematic review of three key strategies designed to improve patient flow through the emergency department

Author(s): Elder, E., Johnston, A. N., Crilly, J.
Added October 2017

Shared decision making in designing new healthcare environments—time to begin improving quality

Author(s): Elf, M., Fröst, P., Lindahl, G., Wijk, H.
Added October 2017

Impact of the Physical Environment of Residential Health, Care, and Support Facilities (RHCSF) on Staff and Residents A Systematic Review of the Literature

Author(s): Joseph, A., Choi, Y.-S., Quan, X.
Strategies related to the design of the built environment should be considered within the context of the culture of the organization and the resident population. This study of the physical environment of residential health, care, and support facilities addresses the range of settings and population, where other studies have been lacking. The literature review strongly suggests that the built environment is an important component of care provided in residential care settings.
Key Point Summary
Added December 2018

Initiatives to reduce overcrowding and access block in Australian emergency departments: A literature review

Author(s): Crawford, K., Morphet, J., Jones, T., Innes, K., Griffiths, D., Williams, Allison
Australian emergency departments are experiencing an increasing demand for their services. Patient throughput continues to expand resulting in overcrowding and access block where patients cannot gain entry to appropriate hospital beds. This is despite both state and federal governments implementing numerous schemes to address the complex causes of stress on emergency departments. This paper...
Key Point Summary
Added February 2019

Linking Programming, Design and Post Occupancy Evaluation: A Primary Care Clinic Case Study

Author(s): Battisto, D., Franqui, D.
Added October 2017

A conceptual model for the design process of interventions in healthcare buildings: a method to improve design

Author(s): Caixeta, M. C., Fabricio, M. M.
Added September 2017