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Knowledge Repository

Compliant flooring to prevent fall-related injuries in older adults: A scoping review of biomechanical efficacy, clinical effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, and workplace safety

Author(s): Lachance, C. C., Jurkowski, M. P., Dymarz, A. C., Robinovitch, S. N., Feldman, F., Laing, A. C., Mackey, D. C., Tranah, G.
Compliant flooring may be broadly defined as any floor covering or flooring system with some degree of shock absorbency. Numerous previous studies have shown that different forms of compliant flooring can reduce the severity and incidence of fall-related injuries in older adult patients.
Key Point Summary
Added October 2017

On the Planning and Design of Hospital Circulation Zones: A Review of the Evidence-Based Literature

Author(s): Jiang, S., Verderber, S.
Added October 2017

Effect of laminar airflow ventilation on surgical site infections: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Author(s): Bischoff, P., Kubilay, N. Z., Allegranzi, B., Egger, M., Gastmeier, P.
Added October 2017

A systematic review of the psychometric properties of instruments for assessing the quality of the physical environment in healthcare

Author(s): Elf, M., Nordin, S., Wijk, H., McKee, K. J.
This review of published instruments was conducted to identify valid and usable tools that can evaluate the design of the healthcare environment.
Key Point Summary
Added January 2021

Mental Health Units in Acute-Care Facilities

Author(s): Mackey, S., Bornstein, S.
Added October 2017

Interventions to improve hospital patient satisfaction with healthcare providers and systems: A systematic review

Author(s): Davidson, K. W., Shaffer, J., Ye, S., Falzon, L., Emeruwa, I. O., Sundquist, K., Inneh, I. A., Mascitelli, S. L., Manzano, W. M., Vawdrey, D. K., Ting, H. H.
Added December 2018

Qualitative ergonomics/human factors research in health care: Current state and future directions

Author(s): Valdez, R. S., McGuire, K. M., Rivera, A. J.
This paper presents a systematic review of studies involving the application of ergonomics/human factors (E/HF) within healthcare environments. In ergonomics, the term “systems thinking” can be broadly interpreted as a way of organizing, managing, and improving different components of a given entity in order to achieve peak efficiency and usability. 
Key Point Summary
Added September 2017

How to improve sleep in a neonatal intensive care unit: A systematic review

Author(s): van den Hoogen, A., Teunis, C. J., Shellhaas, R. A., Pillen, S., Benders, M., Dudink, J.
Added March 2019

Healthcare facilities maintenance management: A literature review

Author(s): Yousefli, Z., Nasiri, F., Moselhi, O.
Added March 2019

Where’s the evidence? a systematic review of economic analyses of residential aged care infrastructure

Author(s): Easton, T., Milte, R., Crotty, M., Ratcliffe, J.
Added December 2018