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Knowledge Repository

Co-creating visual representations of safe spaces with mental health service users using photovoice and zoom

Author(s): Dare, J., Seiver, H., Andrew, L., Coall, D. A., Karthigesu, S., Sim, M., Boxall, K.
Added July 2021

Improving precision and confidence of research application through mediator and moderator models

Author(s): Pati, D.
Added May 2020

Exploring the spatial arrangement of patient rooms for minimum nurse travel in hospital nursing units in Korea

Author(s): Lee, J., Lee, H., Shepley, M. M.
Added December 2020

Assessment of neonatal intensive care unit sound exposure using a smartphone application

Author(s): Capriolo, C., Viscardi, R. M., Broderick, K. A., Nassebeh, S., Kochan, M., Solanki, N. S., Leung, J. C.
Added August 2020

Where We Walk Is What We See: Foundational Concepts and Analytical Techniques of Space Syntax

Author(s): Haq, S.
Added March 2019

Investigating systematic review for multi-disciplinary research in Built Environment

Author(s): Parida, S., Brown, K.
Added February 2019

The ADL taxonomy for persons with mental disorders – adaptation and evaluation

Author(s): Holmqvist, K. L., Holmefur, M.
Added July 2019

The development and testing of the dementia friendly communities environment assessment tool (DFC EAT)

Author(s): Fleming, R., Bennett, K., Preece, T., Phillipson, L.
Added October 2017

Steps in Developing a Patient-Centered Measure of Hospital Design Factors

Author(s): Ottosen, M. J., Engebretson, J. C., Etchegaray, J. M.
Added August 2018

Overcoming the Challenges Inherent in Conducting Design Research in Mental Health Settings: Lessons from St. Joseph’s Healthcare, Hamilton’s Pre and Post-Occupancy Evaluation

Author(s): Ahern, C., McKinnon, M. C., Bieling, P. J., McNeely, H., Langstaff, K.
Added September 2017