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Knowledge Repository

Older adults experiences with ambulation during a hospital stay: A qualitative study

Author(s): King, B., Bodden, J., Steege, L., Brown, C. J.
Added August 2021

A multidisciplinary exploratory approach for investigating the experience of older adults attending hospital services

Author(s): Martins, B. A., Barrie, H., Visvanathan, R., Daniel, L., Martins, L. A., Ranasinghe, D., Wilson, A., Soebarto, V.
Added August 2021

Staff and resident perceptions of mental and behavioural health environments

Author(s): Shepley, M. M., Peditto, K., Sachs, N. A., Pham, Y., Barankevich, R., Crouppen, G., Dresser, K.
Added August 2021

Patients’ experiences of place and space after a relocation to evidence-based designed forensic psychiatric hospitals

Author(s): Olausson, S., Wijk, H., Berglund, I. J., Pihlgren, A., Danielson, E.
Added November 2021

Sensory environments for behavioral health in Dementia: Diffusion of an environmental innovation at the Veterans Health Administration

Author(s): Lorusso, L., Park, N.-K., Bosch, S., Freytes, I. M., Shorr, R., Conroy, M., Ahrentzen, S.
Added October 2020

Viable SARS-CoV-2 in the air of a hospital room with COVID-19 patients

Author(s): Lednicky, J. A., Lauzardo, M., Hugh Fan, Z., Jutla, A., Tilly, T. B., Gangwar, M., Usmani, M., Shankar, S. N., Mohamed, K., Eiguren-Fernandez, A., Stephenson, C. J., Alam, M. M., Elbadry, M. A., Loeb, J. C., Subramaniam, K., Waltzek, T. B., Cherabuddi, K., Glenn Morris, J., Wu, C. Y.
Added January 2021

Effectiveness of a Snoezelen Room on fear, anxiety, and satisfaction of nulliparous women: A randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Momeni, M., Jamshidimanesh, M., Ranjbar, H.
Added August 2020

Magnitude matters: Art image size and waiting time impact perceived quality of care

Author(s): Devlin, A. S., Anderson, A., Hession-Kunz, S., Kelly, M., Noble, L., Zou, A
Added August 2020

Rapid implementation and innovative applications of a virtual ICU during the COVID-19 pandemic: A case study

Author(s): Dhala, A., Sasangohar, F., Kash, B., Ahmadi, N., Masud, F.
Added October 2020

Impact of over-the-door alarms: Root cause analysis review of suicide attempts and deaths on veterans health administration mental health units

Author(s): Mills, P. D., Soncrant, C., Bender, J., Gunnar, W.
Added August 2020