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Knowledge Repository

Understanding the Role of Hospital Design on the Psychological Trauma of Hospitalization for Children

Author(s): Cartland, J.
The Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago (formerly, Children’s Memorial Hospital) has gone through many transformations since its founding in a small North Side cottage 130 years ago. Lurie Children’s recently executed one of the most significant transformations in its history. It moved into a replacement facility, leaving its historic home in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago and moving near its academic partner, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, in the Streeterville neighborhood.
Key Point Summary
Added June 2014

Design Research and Behavioral Health Facilities

Author(s): Shepley, M. M., Pasha, S.
In the interest of determining the state of knowledge on the relationship between behavioral health and the physical environment, the authors explored the literature on research, guidelines, and funding related to this topic.
Key Point Summary
Added April 2019

Achieving EBD Goals Through Flooring Selection & Design

Author(s): Nanda, Upali, Malone, Eileen, Joseph, Anjali
Added April 2013

Contribution of the Designed Environment to Fall Risk in Hospitals

Author(s): Calkins, Margaret P, Biddle, Stacey, Biesan, Orion
Added November 2012

Impact of Visual Art on Patient Behavior in the Emergency Department Waiting Room

Author(s): Nanda, U., Chanaud, C, , Nelson, M., Zhu, X., Bajema, R., Jansen, B. H.
Wait times have been reported to be one of the most important concerns for people visiting emergency departments (EDs). Additionally, distrust between the patients and staff of the hospital, patients’ consistent focus on their status, and an uncertainty about the waiting time have been identified as contributors to patient anxiety, fear, confusion, and annoyance.  Affective states significantly impact perception of wait time and may be impacted by environmental interventions, such as art depicting nature that has been shown to reduce stress levels and anxiety.
Key Point Summary
Added October 2012

Healthcare Environmental Terms and Outcome Measures: An Evidence-based Design Glossary

Author(s): Quan, X., Malone, E., Joseph, A., Pati, D.
Added October 2012

Green cleaning in healthcare: Current practices and questions for future research

Author(s): Quan, X., Joseph, A., Jelen, M.
Added October 2012

Furniture Design Features and Healthcare Outcomes

Author(s): Malone, E., Dellinger, B.
Added October 2012

Designing Safety-Net Clinics for Flexibility

Author(s): Taylor, E., Joseph, A., Keller, A., Quan, X.
Added September 2017

Promising Practices in Safety-Net Clinic Design: An Overview

Author(s): Keller, A., Joseph, A., Taylor, E., Quan, X.
Added September 2017